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Melodies for Beginners Volume 1

Mélodies pour Débutants / Melodien für Anfänger

The Partridge / Merrily We Roll Along / Little Mozart / Le Bon Roi Dagobert / Jingle Bells / How To Slur / How To Play Staccato / J'ai du Bon Tabac / Serenade / Slurring Is Fun / Flea Jumps / Ode To Joy / Ah vous dirais-je Maman / Old Mac Donald ...

This sheet music is suitable for all the following instrumentations :

Melodies for Beginners Volume 1

Composer : MOREN, Bertrand

Level : 1
(1 to 2+ = easy / 3 to 4 = medium / 4+ to 6 = difficult)

Length : 19'27

Ed. Number : EMR 47441

Availability : in stock

Price : 28.00 CHF / 24.35 €  (about 30 USD)

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The new Melodies for Beginners collection from Editions Marc Reift is available in several volumes.
This collection allows young beginners to build up a small repertoire of short and simple pieces (level 1). This is useful for example for small concerts or auditions.
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